You Are Important

They say it takes a village to raise a child. Well, the Etowah District is home to thousands of Scouts! We are blessed to be in an area that is so passionate about Scouting... but someone's gotta teach 'em!

That's where you come in.

The leadership role you take on will change throughout your Scout's experience. You'll micro-manage a Den as a brand new Tiger Leader, teach them about the Patrol Method and outdoor skills as a Webelos, then hand over the reins and allow him to blaze his own trail as a Boy Scout. Maybe you're taking on an administrative role on your unit's committee instead, supporting your son through meticulous event and financial planning. Maybe you're a community member with a special skill or experience and you want to pass your knowledge along to curious young minds through one of our many supplemental recognition programs. Whatever your purpose, each and every adult matters because each and every adult gives our youth another example of leadership to follow.

So whether you're here because you have a passion for teaching youth, want to be more involved in your Scout's experience, or were "voluntold" to help out for a spell, YOU are vital to the success of our program.

Thank you.  

Adult Recognition

Adult Leader Training

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