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Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation (BALOO)

Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation is a training event that introduces parents and leaders to the skills needed to plan, conduct and run a safe and fun Cub Scout campout. 

This training is required for any adult who is in charge of planning a pack campout, and it is recommended that one adult per pack complete BALOO training. Tour permits require that a leader have completed BALOO Training before taking Cub Scouts camping.

BALOO will cover the following areas:

  • Preparations for camping with Cub Scouts
  • Site selection
  • Parent involvement
  • Health and Safety
  • Equipment preparation
  • Meal planning
  • Introduction to Outdoor Skills
This training is REQUIRED for any Pack that wants to go camping outside of a District or Council event. A minimum of TWO (2) BALOO trained adult leaders must be present on Pack campouts.

Tour permits require that leaders have completed BALOO training. Permits omitting this information will be denied.
The next BALOO training will take place at the 2017 Spring Camporee. Please contact the training team if you are interested in this training.

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