Tali Atsila Outdoor Skills (TAOS)

Become "The Smartest Person in the World" to a Scout. Where OWLS and IOLS focus on teaching introductory skills, Tali Atsila trains an adult leader in teaching advanced skills. Attendees will learn to splice rope and tie advanced knots, in addition to pioneering, orienteering, patrol cooking, camp tool management, and more...

This course, along with Wood Badge, will take your leadership abilities to new heights. You'll collaborate with other Scouters in team-building activities and will band together to tackle advanced outdoor challenges. You might even learn to build a fire in the rain...

Cub Scout leaders are advised to attend this course as Bear or Webelos leaders. The skills learned in this course can really benefit your Patrol campouts!

Information on 2016's TAOS course is now available! Click link below to visit the Northeast Georgia Council website for more information and registration.



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