Trainer's EDGE

For all Adult leaders, including Pack and Troop Trainers.This training will be completed in one day.

To receive credit you are required to attend the entire course (no partial credit is provided)

Who Should Attend? This is a great opportunity for adult leaders, including Pack and Troop Trainers, to become better presenters and helping the Etowah District train other leaders. The purpose of the Trainer’s EDGE course is to provide and help develop the platform skills of a trainer. The only thing we ask by taking this course is that you commit yourself to help with a future Etowah District training class or Round Up.

Where would we be if someone didn’t take the time to train us? The Trainer’s EDGE is also a required course for those who may want be on staff for a future Wood Badge for the 21st Century or National Youth Leadership Training..

The Official BSA Field Uniform ("Class A") is appropriate attire for this training.

Pre-course Preparation:

You will need to prepare a 10  minute presentation on a topic from any BSA material. It can be presented in any media format you wish to use. There will be a flip pad and a marker board available. If you need anything else, you must provide it (You may want to bring your own computer). Your presentation should allow you to demonstrate the skills of a presenter and a trainer. You will receive constructive feedback on your presentation from the other participants.

Sorry, there will be no provisions for children.

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