Cub Leader Training

As a Cub Scout Leader, you are granted the unique opportunity to impact the lives of children at their most formative age. The Scouting program teaches good values and has a wide variety of activities to be involved in. Cub Scouting has seen only two advancement overhauls since its founding in 1930 - a testament to the quality of the program.

Leading young Cub Scouts can be an adventure in and of itself. Most likely you've been asked to step up and lead without any (or with very little) guidance or chance to get your bearings. Don't worry! We've got you covered. There is a training course available for just about everything and we'll Do Our Best to help you.

Proper training gives you the tools you need to present the best program available to youth. Training also ensures that the Scouts you lead are kept safe while learning the values of Scouting. In addition to training specific to your position, Youth Protection Training is required for all leaders.

Please look through the following training options for available training opportunities.

For questions about Cub Scout Leader training in the Etowah District, please Contact the training team.

***NEW*** We now have a convenient tri-fold with basic Cub training information. Click here to view it.

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